Skribes - Louise photoWhy an Inventory?

We are here to help you avoid deposit disputes by providing fair, accurate and detailed comprehensive Inventory reports. Since the tenancy deposit scheme legislation was put into place on 6th April 2007, this is now more important than ever. The introduction of this legislation means that a tenant’s deposit no longer remains with the landlord and now has to be protected by an authorised tenancy deposit scheme. The scheme provider then holds the deposit until the end of the tenancy, at which point tenant and landlord need to come to an agreement as to whether any monies are to be deducted for things such as cleaning, redecoration, damage and missing items. If an agreement cannot be reached the deposit will not be released and will go to dispute. Once in a dispute it is up to the landlord to prove that the amount needing to be deducted is justified and fair so it is crucial that there is enough evidence to back a landlord’s case. Otherwise the ruling is likely to be in favour of the tenant. It is the landlord’s duty to provide enough evidence and not the tenant. A professional, independent inventory can be used as evidence in court to prove the condition of a property should a dispute arise.


Our team of Inventory clerks have a keen eye for detail and equipped with the latest technology they are able to compose reports on site ensuring greater accuracy. We provide detailed reports that won’t let you down – all of our reports include date and time stamped photographic evidence, serial and model numbers of all kitchen white goods and measurements of picture frames, floor rugs and mirrors.

As members of the AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks), we follow the highest industry standards in reporting and receive constant appraisals in terms of reporting ensuring you receive a consistent and professional service.

We provide a fast and efficient service with all reports completed and returned the same day.

“Skribes is committed to producing detailed Inventory reports that provide sufficient evidence should a dispute arise. Through our range of inventory services we able to provide peace of mind and protection to landlords”

– Louise Burford, Co/owner and Operations Director of Skribes Inventory Specialists Ltd

Example Inventory – Click to download full version

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